Blower System's Protective Devices

Working with heavy machinery like blower systems can be dangerous, and it is important to always know what is going on in your surroundings. Basic maintenance is important when keeping industrial tools running at maximum efficiency. To keep blower systems safer they are fitted with a few protective devices that include the following;

Mechanical Relief Valve - This is number one on the list because it is the most common protective device used on blower systems. There are two common types that are used, and they include a spring and weighted type. Spring relief valves can be adjusted by changing the compression setting on the spring. The weighted type is often installed vertical and performs as a piston. Adding and removing weights from the valve body change the point of pressure. relief valve operation should be a part of your basic maintenance checklist.

Temperature Switch - For constant inlet temperature applications a discharge temperature switch is a great safety device for any blower system. When a blower system begins to reach excessive temperatures the switch will protect the systems from becoming over pressurized.

Pressure Switch - An economical solution to protecting a blower system is placing a pressure switch on the machine. These operate by providing protection from excess discharge pressure building up. One problem with this device is it does not take into consideration inlet pressure losses. With a clogged filter inlet losses can become excessive and damaging the machine.

Vacuum Switch - On the vacuum side of the system a vacuum switch can be used in a similar way to the discharge pressure switch. Along with the same operating as the pressure switch, it also shares limitations. Excessive discharge pressure is not noticed by the vacuum switch.

Differential Temperature Switch - With a positive displacement blower a differential temperature switch is most of the time the best device for protecting the blower system. Resistance of the device is measured, the low temperature is subtracted from the high temperature, then is compared to the set temperature. The pressure ratio is taken into account, which protects the unit if inlet filter is clogged or the discharge pressure is higher than expected. This device provides the best protection, however, it is the most expensive. It has proven itself as a worthy investment.

It is vital to make sure machines are running at maximum capacity and continue to. When your application goes down, so does your business. With this in mind it is important to protect your blower systems with the best options. Remember, regular maintenance is required to keep machines working properly. Gardner Denver Busch USA Kobelco Zeks Compressed Air Cameron