Gardner Denver Blowers

Nevada Pneumatic in Las Vegas, NV offers a large selection of Gardner Denver blowers including Sutorbilt, Cycloblower, DuroFlow, Heliflow, Triflow, and RBS as well as complete IQ and IQ-RB packages. Designed to transfer product efficiently and quietly, a blower is a positive displacement rotary lobe machine used to move gas and air by a variety of inventive methods.

Gardner Denver provides a wide range of blowers used in applications such as wastewater aeration, bulk material conveying, power generation, and chemical processing. These blowers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. In addition to our full lineup of new blowers, Nevada Pneumatic provides maintenance service and complete overhauls of Gardner Denver blowers and vacuum equipment.

Blower Packages

Gardner Denver IQ Blower Package | Nevada Pneumatic - Las Vegas, NV

IQ Packages

Each IQ package is engineered with innovation and quality and features intelligent digital monitoring via AirSmart controller, quiet sound levels (as low as 60 dBA), and a removable discharge silencer for end-user flexibility and package integrity. IQ Packages also have an integrated variable frequency drive option to increase energy efficiency, extend equipment life, and reduce maintenance.

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Gardner Denver IQ-RB Blower Package | Nevada Pneumatic - Las Vegas, NV

IQ-RB Packages

The IQ-RB is a low-pressure package with an integrated RBS 15–165 tri-lobe blower. These packages feature low-energy consuming electric motors that operate at a fixed speed. IQ-RB packages are available enclosed or unenclosed in five frame sizes. Advantages of the IQ-RB include simplified maintenance, compact design, and quiet operation.

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Bare Blowers

Sutorbilt Blower | Nevada Pneumatic - Las Vegas, NV


Sutorbilt sets the standard in the industry for positive displacement blowers. With more than 75 years of proven results, Sutorbilt blowers are used in countless applications and are designed to handle continuous loads in the most strenuous conditions without sacrificing performance. These straight lobe blowers are available in grease-splash or dual-splash lube configurations.

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DuroFlow Blowers | Nevada Pneumatic - Las Vegas, NV


Gardner Denver Duroflow units are durable, reliable, and efficient. Each model delivers clean oil-free air for a wide range of industrial applications. Duroflow products are used in such applications as fly ash conveying and wastewater aeration. Available in the 30, 45, and 70 Series with various configurations and rotor lengths.

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CycloBlower | Nevada Pneumatic - Las Vegas, NV

CycloBlower Industrial Series

These blowers offer significant advantages in energy efficiency, quality, and durability. The unique rotor profile and accurately maintained tolerances allow the CycloBlower to be operated at high speeds for increased capacity. These dependable blowers are used in wastewater aeration and bulk material conveying applications.

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HeliFlow Blower | Nevada Pneumatic - Las Vegas, NV


HeliFlow integrates proven experience with blower design and manufacturing techniques, resulting in an innovative helical blower. Gardner Denver has created a low-noise solution for positive displacement blower and vacuum pump applications. These innovative blowers reduce noise by 4 to 7 dBA. Moreover, they provide greater durability with superior overhung load capacity.

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TriFlow Rotary Tri-Lobe Blower | Nevada Pneumatic - Las Vegas, NV


Each Gardner Denver TriFlow is engineered for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Specifically, TriFlow is the choice of leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of truck-mounted vacuum cleaning systems. The Tri-Lobe impeller design allows for reduced noise and pulsation. In addition, all TriFlow units have advanced oil/air seals for reliable air delivery.

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RBS | Nevada Pneumatic - Las Vegas, NV


The Gardner Denver RBS is a straight tri-lobe dual-splash blower. The tri-lobe rotors provide quiet yet efficient operation, while its robust design offers reliability and peace of mind. Each model delivers clean oil-free air to a wide range of industrial applications such as aeration, processing, and conveying.

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